The Everything: fashion takes a leap

Kenzo, the fashion line now run by the people behind the hip-store chain, Opening Ceremony, take advertising and fashion to a new level with a 30-minute film to launch their latest collection. The film, directed by co-creative director, Humberto Leon, about teenagers with supernatural powers, offers a full narrative arc and features some well-known faces (Milla Jovovich for one) alongside a largely unknown cast. This is more than creative product placement and takes the company deeper into the cinematic territory that it has been inching toward. The line has a history of presenting its products in a surrealist way and The Everything takes this idea even further. Fashion shows are increasingly elaborate theatrical productions these days. It is no longer simply a case of sending models walking down runways, the larger companies produce mind-blowing stagings of their clothing. Kenzo is taking things in a more cinematic direction, it remains to be seen if anyone else will follow suit. The co-creators, Leon and Carol Lim are known for their iconoclastic approach to retail, marketing and design, and they may just have pulled off another shift in the direction fashion might take in the future.