The new video Disaster(it's what we're after) by Death Valley Girls, features Iggy Pop eating a hamburger. Its a homage to Andy Warhol. 

In 1981 Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth made a film called 66 Scenes From America. He wanted to capture the essence of life in the U.S. and one of his hopes was to get Andy Warhol to participate. Leth didn't know Warhol but made his way to The Factory, Warhol's studio space, and managed to convince him to be in the film. He wanted Warhol to be in one of the scenes and also wanted to include the 'symbolic' burger. Having agreed on the time and place, Leth bought a variety of burgers but failed to get a McDonald's (Warhol's favourite), so he opted for a Burger King instead. Leth simply filmed Warhol eating the burger. Why hamburger? Leth liked the idea that in America  people eat the same food and drinks etc. regardless of their social status and wanted to capture that spirit in his film.

When 22 year-old director Kansas Bowling was approached by DVG to direct their video she suggested, Iggy Pop eating a burger as homage to Warhol and 66 scenes. Which raises the question of what song you might put on a suit and eat a hamburger to?

And let's not overlook what a great little song this is from Death Valley Girls.