Deconstruction: Eels

Eels have released a new video from their latest album, Deconstruction. It's a return to form after a four year hiatus during which Eels front man and architect, Mark Oliver Everett, got married, got divorced and had a child, something Everett has termed as a "project of self-improvement."

The album is an exploration of the constant motion of life and Everett's question of what might be underneath it all? Tearing down the defenses that we build over time and in life is how the album introduces itself with the title  track, 

The deconstruction has begun
Time for me to fall apart
And if you think that it was rough
I tell you nothing changes
Till you start to break it down:
And break apart
I'll break apart
I'll break apart
Right now it's going to start
I'll break apart:
The reconstruction will begin
Only when there's nothing left
But little pieces on the floor
They're made of what I was
Before I had to break it down

Getting down to the roots of what it means to be human and re-building on the bare bones of existence-sounds like a radical theology soundtrack if ever there was one.