This has been a great time for music documentaries. They used to be little more than puff pieces or extended music videos really, but lately a slew of documentaries have been released from artists like Iggy Pop and Nick Cave that delve deep into the artist's life and psyche. The latest addition is Horses, a documentary celebrating the 40th anniversary of Patti Smith seminal album. It's a concert film but with depth, capturing the humanity and fiery creativity of one of rock music's legendary figures. Smith has had a resurgence of late, largely through her literary offerings (Just Kids, M Train and Devotion), but her live performances are still something to behold. Shot at LA's Wiltern Theatre, this will be available on May 22nd on Apple Music and elsewhere I presume. Check out the trailer and then while tyouy are waiting for the release date, do yourself a favour and rent American Valhalla, which chronicles Iggy Pop and Josh Homme's musical collaborations.